One of a kind , hand sculpted Santa's.  Special orders welcome.

We are deep into our Santa season already.  I'm taking a week off production to refurbish a Santa that I created back in 1993.  My son was 13 that year and my grandson is thirteen this year.  Time flies when you're making Santa's!

When I see these older pieces it's like seeing an old friend.  What a treat for me!  This piece was sold at Crown Center here in Kansas City. My customer is a huge Wizard Of Oz fan and collector.  The Santa is a Wizard Of Oz piece.  She's so Kansas City! 

I've had customers looking for me on the Internet.  Yes!  I am Debbie Dinneen and Deborah Dinneen, aka:  Seasonal People. Please e-mail  or call me again if you don't hear from me within a business week.  I'm working on witches and such at this time. 

Stay Safe And God Bless You,

Debbie Dinneen  (Deborah Dinneen) aka:  Seasonal People 


"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

Seasonal People Santas 

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Hand Sculpted Santas'       By Deborah Dinneen